Saturday, February 9, 2008

Androgyny? Psh, what androgyny?

The androgynous look is absolutely ALL the rage in our modern age we live in. But, unfortunately, my style is sooo far away from androgynous, it's pretty ridiculous.

I don't like pants. Okay, that sounded wrong. But I'm more of a dresses, or skirts kind of girl. Nothing wrong with that... But it was really hard to ignore all the pants/jeans obsession last season AND probably this season too. I mean we are women. I will never EVER power dress for this very reason. I mean, what better is a yellow, full skirted Bottega Veneta suit?

One of the hit shows of FW 08 were Boy by Band of Outsiders... Complete androgyny... and a lot press coverage.

Cute, but definately not my style. Wide leg pants or jeans really don't work for me at all. I am definately more of a babydoll-dress kind of a person. Lalala I don't look like a fool wearing a spring dress in the snow... Not at all... So obviously, one of my absolutely favorite shows of the season so far was RODARTE! Who else creates the perfect combination of grotesque-ness and ephemeral perfection?!

Perfect dresses that can never be worn again except on the runway, spidery tights that look like they wrapped around the models' legs, perfect spiky shoes... PERFECTION!

Both got a lot of coverage, and both deserved it! One day, mark my words, I am going to move my butt down to New York and go to the freakin' shows...

Zipper Replica

Forever 21 has done it again.

Forever 21 and Christian Louboutin.