Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Party Like a Rockstar Everyday

...yeah, I wish. My life is pretty boring, especially during the summer- even if I am doing an internship and volunteering... I honestly can not wait to live in a city. It's been my goal in life since... forever. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm not too exciting. And I'm a procrastinator. For example, right now, I should be editing my writing samples to send to Mochi, but what am I doing? Writing in my blog, of course.

So a basic run-down of everyday:
-my one day off haha
-internship 10-1
-internship 10-1
-volunteer 10-4
-volunteer 10-4
-volunteer 10-4
-bible study 6-10
-church 2-5

I lead a boring life. Ah, oh well. I will actually go to a retreat this Sunday (!!!) and right after PRE-SEASON, BABYYY! If I make JV (our high school is incredibly good and competitive in field hockey) I will be super happy. So cross your fingers, loves! And after that, practicepracticepractice (if I make the team, of course) then SCHOOL! I am just THAT excited for Enriched math, bio, and just so so so much more fun! I want to know my schedule though... Our school is lame and doesn't send them out till last minute. Thanks, AHS.

I Just Love Them Scottish

I think inside all actors, there's a kid who secretly yearns to jump off buildings and say 'Yippeekayay, motherfucker!'
-James McAvoy

I fucking love James McAvoy.

Too bad he's married.

It's Stella-r Darling

I am in love with Stella McCartney's lingerie line. It's sheer, cute, and beautiful! I love Coco Blushing set (the picture) the most with the almost cartoon effect it has with the stars, but the beauty with the sheer fabric. Ah, but only if it was in my size. I am not quite a 32D or a large... And the worst thing is, it's on sale- the bra $112.50 and the panties $49.

Ah, why are you so cruel, net-a-porter?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art is a Lie

My favorite mediums in art are watercolor, pencil, pastels, and sometimes, if done right, photography. I love all these because they can portray a whimsicality that is so rare these days, and is an absolute visual pleasure. So obviously I would love Lisa Kettell's Whimsical Watercolors set! It's beautiful and colorful and obviously, whimsical, which I absolutely adore. Go give your eyes a treat and look through this set like a madwoman (or maybe that's just me). My favorite was Sophie, the Mer-fairy of Cupcake Land!

new layout, bitches<3

How do you like my "new" layout? Yeah, not really new, but pizazzed some things up. P-retty chill, eh? More changes to come.