Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Party Like a Rockstar Everyday

...yeah, I wish. My life is pretty boring, especially during the summer- even if I am doing an internship and volunteering... I honestly can not wait to live in a city. It's been my goal in life since... forever. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm not too exciting. And I'm a procrastinator. For example, right now, I should be editing my writing samples to send to Mochi, but what am I doing? Writing in my blog, of course.

So a basic run-down of everyday:
-my one day off haha
-internship 10-1
-internship 10-1
-volunteer 10-4
-volunteer 10-4
-volunteer 10-4
-bible study 6-10
-church 2-5

I lead a boring life. Ah, oh well. I will actually go to a retreat this Sunday (!!!) and right after PRE-SEASON, BABYYY! If I make JV (our high school is incredibly good and competitive in field hockey) I will be super happy. So cross your fingers, loves! And after that, practicepracticepractice (if I make the team, of course) then SCHOOL! I am just THAT excited for Enriched math, bio, and just so so so much more fun! I want to know my schedule though... Our school is lame and doesn't send them out till last minute. Thanks, AHS.

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